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Whether you are missing only a few teeth or a full arch of teeth, dentures could be the answer for you to improve your appearance and restore your mouth to functioning properly.


Sure-Dent Teeth Whitening Liverpool can create a set of dentures in Liverpool that are not only comfortable but look completely natural. A prosthodontist is a dentist that specializes in treating dental and facial issues that involve restoring missing teeth and jaws. We will go over all the options that are available for you including removable dentures to restore your dazzling smile and get you looking back to your best.

Are dentures necessary?

It’s really important to replace missing teeth even if it’s just one or two. If left untreated, your eating and speaking will be impaired by the strain being put on your other teeth, and your bite will become misaligned. Missing teeth and bones will make your face sag, you could lose more teeth, and you will look older.

The benefits include –


  • A full, natural smile
  • Dentures are dependable and long-lasting
  • You will enjoy more food and improve your speech
  • Dentures can be removed
  • Dentures will support your other teeth
Are Dentures Necessary?
Different Denture Designs

The 3 Different Denture Designs

Complete Dentures if you lost all your teeth. These dentures are an acrylic plastic base, coloured to match your gums, and a full set of teeth commonly made from resin fits over your own gums. Your dentist at Sure-Dent Teeth Whitening Liverpool will ensure your dentures are comfortable and go over how to clean them and the best way to keep them securely in place.

Partial Dentures replace one or more teeth and are designed to work with your other natural teeth. The replacement teeth are specifically created to fit the gaps in your jaw and blend with all your other teeth. These replacements are fixed to a metal frame that attaches to your natural teeth to keep them in place.

Implant Dentures are mostly permanent for partial or complete dentures. Implants are small titanium screws that are put in place permanently into the jawbone and act as a replacement for your natural tooth’s root. The implant is a fixed permanent anchor where your overdentures can be secured. Overdentures or implant-supported dentures are more stable while conventional dentures only rest on the gum tissue and the jawbone. Overdentures will remain anchored by dental implants. Implant retained dentures have a number of benefits vs removable dentures.

Dentures can take a little time to get used to but modern dentures are a great deal more comfortable and natural-looking.

How To Care For Dentures

Dentures must be taken care of just like your natural teeth.  Plaque can build up on dentures the same way as on your natural teeth. Without proper care, you will run the risk of gum disease.

With removable dentures, you must remove them and clean them thoroughly with a soft brush.  Then rinse and soak them overnight in a denture cleaner.

Also, make sure to keep your mouth clean by gently brushing your gums and tongue with a soft brush followed by using a mouthwash.

Contact Sure-Dent Teeth Whitening Liverpool for more information about the different styles of dentures.

Other Alternatives –

Alternatives to Dentures

Dental Bridges

If you only have a few missing teeth or missing teeth are only on one side of your mouth, your dentist at Sure-Dent Teeth Whitening Liverpool may suggest a bridge. A bridge is literally a bridge that covers the gap left by your missing teeth.

Dental Implants

If you want something that is fixed for one or more missing teeth, Sure-Dent Teeth Whitening Liverpool can help restore your smile and quality of life with dental implants.


Do I have to clean my dentures?

Dentures must be cleaned just like natural teeth to prevent the build up of plaque. Brushing after meals is highly recommended as the best choice for cleaning dentures.  Take them out and brush them over your sink with a special denture brush. Make sure to rinse them afterward.

Dental Fees

We believe in fair and honest pricing at Sure-Dent Teeth Whitening Liverpool. We will discuss all charges with you.

If you have decided it’s time for dentures, we are here to help you out.