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Sure-Dent Teeth Whitening Liverpool

Sure-Dent Teeth Whitening Liverpool provide our patients with a full range of cosmetic dental treatments such as Teeth Whitening, Composite Veneers, Dental Implants, Invisilgn Braces and Dentures. Over recent years we have however seen significant growth in demand from patients requesting their teeth to be a few shades whiter.

Some patients are fortunate enough to have genetically thicker or brighter enamel which masks the natural appearance of the yellow dentine underneath which makes teeth seem whiter, if you are not fortunate enough to have a naturally bright white smile the team at Sure-Dent Teeth Whitening Liverpool are on hand to advise and guide you on the Teeth Whitening Process.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

The process teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure that involves the bleaching of teeth which results in them becoming lighter than they were previously.

The bleaching process is a safe and effective way to not only brighten but make you feel confident about your smile.

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Liverpool Teeth Whitening

How Long Will My Teeth Stay White?

Whitening treatments from Sure-Dent Teeth Whitening Liverpool are not permanent and exactly how long you keep your white smile really does depend on a number of factors. Teeth Whitening treatments can last anywhere between a few months up to 3 years how long you maintain your bright white smile is largely determined by how you maintain your teeth post treatment.

You can maintain your teeth’s whiteness by regular brushing, and flossing, we also suggest getting in the habit of using mouthwashes and rinsing.

The biggest piece of advice Sure-Dent Teeth Whitening Liverpool gives to patients is to be careful about what you eat after your treatment. We suggest avoiding drinks like black teas and coffee, along with both red and white wine. We also suggest avoiding both dark and lightly coloured carbonated drinks. Now we understand that it might not be easy to give up such a range of drinks so if you are going to drink these types of drinks we suggest doing so using a straw to minimise contact with your teeth.

Teeth Whitening

Why Choose Sure-Dent Teeth Whitening Liverpool


Our team are fully registered with the General Dental Council and are highly skilled so you can be sure that you are receiving the best possible treatment from a team of experts.


Our treatment will provide you with a more natural finish.


With advice and guidance from our team your bright white colour will last longer.


We have helped to boost the self esteem of hundreds of people in the local area in furthermore the majority of patients come to us by word of mouth and referrals from other happy patients.


Our clinics are modern, comfortable and inviting whilst our team are approachable and friendly. It’s easy to book an appointment at a time to fit into your schedule, we do not have long waiting lists.


We are fully transparent about the costs of our treatments so you will always have a clear idea of what the costs will be upfront.

If you are ready to have a brighter whiter smile then simply click the button below to request a call back from Sure-Dent Teeth Whitening Liverpool and one of our friendly team that will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Liverpool Teeth Whitening Step 1

Teeth Whitening Step One

Before treatment with Sure-Dent Teeth Whitening Liverpool begins you will have a consultation which is carried out by one of our qualified and experienced dental experts.

Unfortunately we are unable to carry out Teeth Whitening treatment after every consultation because not every candidate is suitable for the treatment. As part of this consultation we will confirm whether you are a suitable candidate for teeth whitening, patients who suffer from sensitive, transparent or thin teeth may not be put forward for the treatment.

We will then carry out a further examination of your teeth to in order to check there are no other dental issues that need to be taken into consideration. The team at Sure-Dent Teeth Whitening Liverpool will carry out a search for cavities, cracks and receding gums all of which can cause pain and irritation if not taken into consideration.

Teeth Whitening Lower Jaw

If it is determined that you are a suitable candidate we will at this point move on to provide you with realistic expectations and can give you a good idea of the kind of results you can expect during your treatment.

We are able to do this by first of all creating a sample of your current tooth colour which then allows us to demonstrate to you the colour that your teeth are likely to be post treatment.

It might be the case that we take photographs of your teeth so you have a clear understanding of the shade of your teeth and compare it to a colour chart in order to illustrate the potential end results.


Before the treatment begins we start by giving your teeth a thorough clean ensuring that all dirt particles are removed  and ensuring the best outcome for your treatment

Liverpool Teeth Whitening Step 2

Teeth Whitening Step Two

The next step in your treatment with Sure-Dent Teeth Whitening Liverpool will involve applying a protective resin or coating for the purposes of protecting you from irritation which can take place as a result of the application of the bleaching agent.

Once the protective resin has been applied we begin coating your teeth with a specially formulated whitening agent which contains either a non-peroxide or hyrdrogen peroxide based solution. We then insert a special mouth guard and expose your teeth to a high energy Blue LED light ensuring that your teeth are evenly exposed to the light.

This system has proven to be one of the most effective way to initiate the whitening process and the molecules within the agent without causing damage or overheating to any part of your teeth or mouth.

This part of the treatment takes place typically between 40 – 60 minutes by which point your session will be complete and you will have an instantly brighter, whiter smile that will fill you with the confidence to share your smile with pride.

Liverpool Teeth Whitening Close up

Teeth Whitening Step Three

Once the actual treatment is complete, we then verify and record the treatment outcome. The Sure-Dent Teeth Whitening Liverpool will then leave you with advice and guidance to help ensure that your results are maintained and last long into the future.

Our patients have told us that this type of cosmetic treatment has a huge effect on their confidence and self-esteem which in turn helps them to feel more relaxed and less self-conscious when is social environments.

Not only can treatment from Sure-Dent Teeth Whitening Liverpool enhance your smile it can help enhance your self-perception which can also leave a better impression when you meet new people.